Стали прямоугольного сечения

.The boxes are produced from 20x20mm up to 145x145mm for industrial and construction porpuses


General Specification

Sheet type

Min thickness


Max thickness


Standard length


HRC 1.00 6.00



(Square sections (mm

20x20 25x25 30x30 35x35 40x40 45x45
50x50 55x55 60x60 65x65 70x70 75x75
80x80 90x90 100x100 110x110 120x120 130x130
135x135 140x140 145x145      

(Square sections (in

0.8x0.8 1x1 1.2x1.2 1.4x1.4 1.6x1.6 1.8x1.8
2x2 2.3x2.3 2.4x2.4 2.5x2.5 3x3 3.2x3.2
3.5x3.5 3.8x3.8 4x4 4.2x4.2 4.3x4.3 4.5x4.5
4.7x4.7 4.8x4.8 5x5 5.2x5.2 5.5x5.5 5.7x5.7

(Rectangular sections (mm

10x20 20x10 30x10 40x20 50x20
10x30 20x30 30x20 40x30 50x30
  20x40 30x40 40x50 50x40
  20x50 30x50 40x60 50x60
    30x60 40x70 50x70
    30x70 40x80 50x80
    30x80 40x90 50x90
      40x100 50x100

(Rectangular sections (mm

60x20 70x30 80x30 90x40 100x40
60x30 70x40 80x40 90x50 100x50
60x40 70x50 80x50 90x60 100x60
60x50 70x60 80x60 90x70 100x70
60x70 70x80 80x70 90x80 100x80
60x80 70x90 80x90 90x100 100x90
60x90 70x100 80x100 90x110 100x110
60x100 70x110 80x110 90x120 100x120
60x110 70x120 80x120 90x130 100x130
60x120 70x130 80x130 90x140 100x140
60x130 70x140 80x140    

(Rectangular sections (mm

110x60 120x60 130x60 140x60
110x70 120x70 130x70 140x70
110x80 120x80 130x80 140x80
110x90 120x90 130x90 140x90
110x100 120x100 130x100 140x100
110x120 120x110 130x110 140x110
110x130 120x130 130x120 140x120
110x140 120x140 130x140 140x130