Isogum Shargh

Self - Adhesive Waterproof Tape

:Isfahan Isogum Advantages

 Easy and fast -

Eliminating the risk of explosion or fire due to no need for gas and torch -

Reduction of transport costs due to light weight and ease of displacement -

Flexibility in intense cold to 25 ° C -

Enables easy and quick restoration -

Cost-effectiveness -

Strength and high tensile and stress resistance -

Durability and longevity more than 25 years -

No environmental pollution -

:Isfahan Isogum Indications

Insulation of all building surfaces such as flattened and sloping roofs, walls, foundations. Parking, bathroom, kitchen and ect

:Corrugated surfaces

Surface can be installed Selfglue insulation on concrete, cement, brick, asphalt, metal, glass and … is installed.

Self - Adhesive Waterproof Tape